Happy half-hour

Happy Half-Hour: Three Hundred and Forty one

I have lost a little impetus with these for a while, for various reasons: the repetition of lockdown, the repetition of the techniques I was using, the seeming sameness of the results after a while. I have now written a long list of ideas and techniques for various half hours. Each item on the list has been given a number, and then a random sequence applied to this list of numbers. I have been finding it hard to make any decisions about what to do with creative time generally, so this is intended to remove that obstacle and make the decisions for me.

So…today’s creative challenge was number 75 on my list (of 126 possible options), to spend 30 minutes redrawing one of my previous Half-Hours, a spread for the Built-In Adolescence illustrated lyrics book, originally part of HHH #300.

This is the (incomplete) result.